How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Logical Structure

A Good Argument Essay topics Are Easy To Write On
It might seem quite easy to write a good argument essay; since you have an opinion on something, and then you express the opposite view to discuss an issue. However, the key to composing a good paper, of this type, is that you need to provide the reader with strong proofs of each viewpoint. Although, you should also take into account that not everything is debatable. Here are some bright ideas for you to use while picking a good argument essay topic:
how to write a good argumentative essay examples
The tone of your writing and the way in which your points are presented – these are the two important elements that you have to take into consideration while writing. You might have a good argument essay topic to write on, but you can mess it up if you don’t present your essay well. The tone of your writing has a lot to do with the grades that you get, so take a look at our examples. You will find a lot to help you on our website. how to write a good argumentative essay introductionHow to Write A Good Argumentative Essay by anamaulidahow to write a good argumentative essay outline

A sample video from a tutorial series titled "How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay". This video looks at a single paragraph of a sample student essay and offers feedback on clarifying the logic of the argument.

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Part 1: Guidelines for Structuring an Argumentative Essay
1.1 A Minimal Five-Part Structure
1.2 Writing the Introduction
1.3 Writing the Conclusion

Part 2: A Sample Essay with Some Problems (and Strategies for Fixing Them)
2.1 The Essay: "Should Teachers Be Allowed to Ban Laptops in Classrooms?"
2.2 Analysis: The Introduction
2.3 Analysis: The Main Body: First Argument
2.4 Analysis: The Main Body: Second Argument
2.5 Analysis: The Main Body: Third Argument
2.6 Analysis: The Main Body: Evaluation and Recommendations
2.7 Analysis: The Conclusion
2.8 The Essay: Improved Version
2.9 The Essay: Improved Version with CommentaryIn writing your essay take advantage of all the positive points to support your argument and, by clever writing and reasoning, dismiss or denigrate the points which oppose your point of view. A good argument essay will be strong on supporting your stance on the issue. A better argument essay will have strong evidence in support of your case and equally strong evidence in knocking down the alternative view.