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Shannon won 1st place in the IBE Bioethics Essay Contest for Students. Her subject was "Perceptions of the Public: The Morals of Sharing our Motives as Bioengineers"
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Ideally all universities with a medical school should participate and then we could entertain the idea of a national prize as well. The best undergraduate bioethics essay in the country – that could look good on your . The challenge is not to the students but to the bioethics departments at the individual universities. Holt Bioethics Essay Award for Medical StudentsBioethics Essays 1 - 30 Anti EssaysGet access to Bioethics Essays only from Anti Essays
Bioethics essays… Sounds like a complete disaster! Now you are almost sure that completing such a task is something you will not manage to do. Let us prove you the opposite! Yes, bioethics essays are not an easy thing to complete. Yet, try our exclusive ideas first. At least, you will make the first steps to completing your task

Before we pass to the ideas you can discuss in bioethics essay papers, let us ask you a question. Are you sure that you understand bioethics correctly? What is it actually about? Do you have answers to all of the questions? If you do not have a clear idea of what this is all about, read the information presented below.

Well, literally bioethics means “life ethics”. It is actually a broad concept, which can be interpreted in several ways. The great majority of people understand medical ethics under this concept. Surely, they are right.

However, if you want to prepare a good bioethics essay paper, you need to know that bioethics includes some other issues. These are ethical issues associated with some scientific innovations like cloning or research ethics.

Anyway, if you have poor understanding of bioethics, we strongly recommend you sort everything out before you start writing your bioethics essay. Now, our ideas you can develop in your bioethics essay:

Taking drugs or alcohol during pregnancy as a form of child abuse

You will never find a woman who does not know that drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes are harmful and even dangerous for a fetus. Still, some women take them during their pregnancy, which means they cause an intentional harm to their future child. Can it be considered as form of child abuse? Give your vision of the problem in the bioethics essay.

Can pain be considered a good thing?

The great majority of people will definitely say that pain is not a normal state of the human organism. Yet, there are cases when patients consciously refuse to take medicines to relieve pain. Why do they do it? Can you think of any reasons to call pain a good thing? This is one more idea for your bioethics essay.

Obtaining stem cells from embryos

It is one of the controversial topics these days, which is hotly discussed. You can consider it in the bioethics essay. There is one major question you need to answer in your bioethics essay on this topic. Can an embryo be considered a living human being?

If you are asked to cover some other medical issues, use our tips for writing an essay on HIV/AIDS or a health promotion essay. Probably, you have experience of writing your on abortions or cloning. Thus, you have an idea of covering such a topic. However, your bioethics paper will be slightly different. In the bioethics essay on any of the abovementioned topics you will have to think about the ethical aspect rather than physical. You will have to discuss something like Is it really ethical to clone people or kill unborn kids.

Now, let us pass to some rules of writing argumentative papers. Bioethics covers different issues connected with medical ethics. Since almost all modern medical issues are controversial, your bioethics essay will be most probably argumentative. So, in this article we will remind you some of these issues to be covered in bioethics papers and several rules of writing argumentative essays.
So, let us start with specifying some topics for your bioethics essay. In fact, we will not tell you something completely new. I am sure you are aware of the current burning issues in medicine. They are:Received an honorable mention in the IBE Bioethics Essay Contest for Students. Elana's subject was "The Ethics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research".