Dissertations for Dummies: The Basics of Dissertations

By Carrie Winstanley from Publishing a Dissertation For Dummies, UK Edition
Producing a dissertation has become a major requirement of most university courses, both undergraduate and Masters. It's likely to be the largest single piece of work you'll have to submit - and also the hardest! Writing a Dissertation For Dummies walks you through all the practical and theoretical aspects of writing a dissertation to help you produce a first-class work. This guide is ideal for any student in the broad range of the social sciences, from anthropology to law, psychology to media studies. From choosing a topic, to researching the literature, utilising your supervisor, managing your time, and structuring and writing your dissertation, you'll be able to avoid all the common mistakes and stay on top of your workload throughout the process. You'll also find tips on the best way to reference your work, and expert advice on presentation and binding. This is a must if you want to maximise your marks on your university dissertation. Writing a Dissertation For Dummies covers: Part I: What is a Dissertation? Chapter 1: So You Have to Write a Dissertation Chapter 2: Thinking About a Research Question Part II: Getting Set Up for Your Dissertation Chapter 3: The Structure of Your Dissertation Chapter 4: Getting Started Chapter 5: Finalising Your Research Question, Dissertation 'Type' And Considering Ethics Chapter 6: Reading Efficiently and Taking Useful Notes Part III: Getting On With Your Research Chapter 7: Researching in Libraries and the Using the Internet Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Empirical Data Chapter 9: Analysing Data And Drawing Conclusions Chapter 10: Staying on Track Part IV: Writing and Polishing Chapter 11: Managing Your Argument: 'Writing Up' Your Non-Empirical Dissertation Chapter 12: Writing Up Your Empirical Dissertation Chapter 13: Writing Effectively Chapter 14: References, Bibliographies and Appendices Chapter 15: Sorting Out The Presentation of Your Dissertation Part V: Managing The Overall Experience Chapter 16: Your Work Habits Chapter 17: Looking After Yourself Physically and Emotionally Chapter 18: Ten Common Dissertation Pitfalls to Avoid Chapter 19: Ten Essential Tips For Completing Your Dissertation Chapter 20: Ten Items For Your Very Final Checklist
Writing a dissertation for dummies Author note Dr Carrie Winstanley is a Principal Lecturer in Education at Roehampton University,
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