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The divide-and-conquer approach works as well for writing as it doesfor research. A problem that many graduate students face is thattheir only goal seems to be ``finish the thesis.'' It is essentialthat you break this down into manageable stages, both in terms ofdoing the research and when writing the thesis. Tasks that you canfinish in a week, a day, or even as little as half an hour are muchmore realistic goals. Try to come up with a range of tasks, both interms of duration and difficulty. That way, on days when you feelenergetic and enthusiastic, you can sink your teeth into a solidproblem, but on days when you're run-down and unmotivated, you can atleast accomplish and few small tasks and get them off your queue.
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After doing the initial research on your topic, prepare a 1-2 paragraph abstract, a preliminary bibliography (approximately ten to fifteen books or journal articles), and a brief outline before approaching a possible advisor. These will help you to convince your future advisor of the value and interest of your project. Once a faculty member has agreed to advise you, discuss your anticipated graduation date and agree on a timetable for meetings and submission of drafts. It is your responsibility to keep your advisor apprised of your progress.
Graduate students often think that the thesis happens in two distinctphases: doing the research, and writing the dissertation. This may bethe case for some students, but more often, these phases overlap andinteract with one another. Sometimes it's difficult to formalize anidea well enough to test and prove it until you've written it up; theresults of your tests often require you to make changes that mean thatyou have to go back and rewrite parts of the thesis; and the processof developing and testing your ideas is almost never complete (there'salways more that you *could* do) so that many graduate students end up``doing research'' right up until the day or two before the thesis isturned in.The hardest part of getting a Ph.D. is, of course, writing thedissertation. The process of finding a thesis topic, doing theresearch, and writing the thesis is different from anything moststudents have done before. If you have a good advisor and supportnetwork, you'll be able to get advice and help in setting directionsand goals. If not, you may need to be more independent. If this isthe case, don't just isolate yourself from the world: try to go outand find the resources and support you need from professors, othergraduate students, mailing lists, friends, family, and publicationslike this one.In this spirit, I offer 20 'laws' as a guide to graduate students doing thesis research. Each contains sound advice about the facts of life in graduate research, particularly from the viewpoint of a thesis adviser. Several have been slightly exaggerated for effect, or are not to be taken too literally. Some clearly pertain to experimental research, although they have obvious counterparts for other types of research.