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And there it is—the TV market number obsession. For people who aren’t very good at math (let’s face it… you didn’t go into TV to solve advanced engineering math problems), we sure do know those Nielsen DMA numbers pretty well! Here’s the list, by the way:
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If you are in need for a heavy duty calculator, this bad boy here has your back. With this handy calculator you’ll be able to solve algebra, trig, and engineering math problems. Possibly the most egregious example of this is when they use Excel to solve engineering math problemsThis is of great assistance for students who want to obtain technical skill in solving engineering math problems and for non-academic professionals (e.gEngineering math problems
Mathcad has a document centric environment that electrical engineers use to solve electrical engineering math problems in natural math using electrical units of measure, plot 2D & 3D graphs and document their electrical engineering calculations with ease and precision.About Advanced Scientific Calculator
An easy to use scientific calculator with many advanced features to help you solve algebra, trigonometry, and engineering math problems. The calculator comes with six attractive color schemes and a side bar that slides open for additional functionality.

Features Include:
- Scientific Functions
- RPN or Algebraic Mode
- Interactive Unit Converter
- Linear and Root Equation Solver
- Complex Number Math (Polar and Rec Format)
- Drop-Down Stack with History
- Decimal to Fraction Conversion
- Base Conversion UtilityPossibly the most egregious example of this is when they use Excel to solve engineering math problems. The fact that Excel is capable of dealing with some reasonably challenging math problems doesn’t make it the right tool for the job. Excel requires that expressions be written in an opaque text-based language, which is then effectively hidden from view behind the values in the cells of the spreadsheet. The potential for hidden errors is cringe-worthy. And forget about readability or traceability.I only jumped in here because I've seen this kind of error in setting up engineering math problems a few times before. The assumption that I'm quibbling over makes no difference to the proof sought in this problem, but there are many engineering problems for which incorrect assumptions about starting and/or ending conditions will lead to the wrong conclusion. And you are going to see them.