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This study is a follow-up on previous studies the author, collaborators and other researchers in Taiwan (Liou, 1993a, 1993b; Warden & Chen, 1995) have conducted on the impact of computer generated error feedback on Taiwan EFL writing students. Specifically, the differences between males and females using the same software and receiving the same type of feedback in a business English writing class. Simultaneously, this study demonstrates the ease with which computers can be integrated into the writing class and how that integration can play a role in helping a teacher achieve a deeper understanding of his/her students' progress.
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Writing is one of the important skill topics taught to junior high school students especially eight grade of junior high school students. They may have problem in studying writing since English is not their mother tongue and it has different rule to Indonesian writing. Students cannot write well because they have limited knowledge in English grammar and vocabulary and sometimes the teacher changes the activities because the students cannot express what they have in mind, due to their insufficient knowledge. Therefore, the teacher should have alternative ways to teach writing. Coming from the background, the writer focused her study in teaching English Writing Classes to the eighth grade students. She used Peer-Editing as her Technique in teaching writing. The main problem discussed in this study was to determine if the use of Peer-Editing Technique is effective in teaching writing to the eight grade of junior high school and the objective was to know the students’ achievement during teaching learning process by using this technique. This study was conducted through an action research. The writer applied two cycles of action research. She began her study by giving a pre-test, cycle I and cycle II, a post-test, and a questionnaire. The writer took the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 2 Karangawen as the subject of the study. Based on the data analysis, the writer found that there was a significant difference of the result of the students’ pre-test and post-test. The result of the research showed that the students’ progress in mastering English writing especially writing recount text was good. The average achievement of the students’ pre-test was 42.06%, in the first cycle was 56.46 %, in the second cycle was 71.54%, and the result of the post-test was 75.43% . The main factor affecting this improvement was the students’ interest in the material given that was the peer-editing. Based on the result, the writer concludes that teaching English writing by using peer-editing technique is very beneficial for the students in order to facilitate them in writing. It is suggested that using peer-editing technique in teaching writing in English especially writing recount text should be recommended for the English teacher. In addition, it is recommended that the technique to be applied in class regularly and continually. WRITING HAIKU POEMS - ENGLISH WRITING CLASSShareWorld - English and Writing ClassCORRECT IT - ENGLISH WRITING CLASS
We suggest using Sentence Master in English writing classes, writing exercises, lessons, programs, curriculums, education resources, teaching material resources, educational games, educational activities class contests. The Sentence Master Games Contests are an excellent venue to provide writing tips, techniques, style rules, and practice specific grammar skills writing English phrases, clauses and sentences.What is necessary in English writing is different from what is needed in English speaking. This is because accuracy of grammar and vocabulary is vital in writing whereas body language and tone could cover mistakes in grammar and vocabulary when speaking. English writing classes at Merry House focus on grammar and vocabulary, and how to use them in real life situations. Writing classes are designed for academic students, but also available for adults. For the past decade, Anne Lancaster has been offering English writing classes to students of all ages. This English writing tutor also provides proofreading and editing services, among others. Through the popularity of technology, technology has revolutionized the way of teaching English writing. Research has shown that Web-based programs are beneficial for language learning. Thus, in order to find effective ways to facilitate English writing instruction, the researcher intends to seek supports from Web-based writing program. In the current research, three English writing classes (49 students in total) of a university at the southern part of Taiwan participated in the is study. Quantitative data such as studentspsila posttest score were analyzed using ANCOVA. Qualitative data obtained through student questionnaire and teacher interviews were also collected and analyzed. The findings indicated that the students who applied Web-based writing program indeed outperformed the regular writing group in most variables, especially in content, development and organization. However, problems also arise when using Web-based program as the only instructional media.