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The historical significance of King's political ideas, furthermore, especially his contributions to the Gandhian and African-American traditions of nonviolent resistance, cannot be fully understood without a determination of the extent to which activists adopted his tactics and strategies. The importance of James H. Cone's essay on Martin Luther King and Third World liberation movements is enhanced by his decision not only to describe what King said about those movements, but also to explore the impact of King's ideas on Third World activists and leaders. Cone only begins to study an issue that requires much further research, both abroad and at home: To what extent did King's ideas actually guide the mass struggles he sought to influence? Implicitly assuming that King's role in the southern black movement was indispensable or at least crucial to its success, King-centered scholarship has unfortunately contributed to the popular but misleading notion that most movement activists adopted his philosophy of nonviolence. Such scholarship has also reinforced the tendency of many Americans to see him not only as the exemplar of the modern black leader, at least in the pre-Jesse Jackson era, but as a charismatic figure who single-handedly directed the course of the civil rights movement.
A Bill Moyers essay on Martin Luther King, Jr., LBJ, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (January 19, 2008)
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