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Infographic essay on the meaning of life
Dr. Kagan said that my big question should properly be rephrased, "How are we to live?" because it ultimately concerned the meaning of life. "The truth is very complicated and doesn't easily boil down to one sentence," he allowed. "I don't have a short essay on the meaning of life."
Job, Jung and Freud: An Essay on the Meaning of Life
His first book, Lebensweisheit (1908; “Wisdom of Life"), as the name indicates, was devoted to nonscientific issues, as was his last, Problems of Ethics (1930a), which, while largely an attempt to give an account of ethics from the causal–explanatory point of view, contains many profound observations on life and values. Aside from these two books and a small separately published essay on the meaning of life, Vom Sinn des Lebens (1927), Schlick’s contributions to philosophy fall in the fields of the philosophy of science and epistemology. The best essay on the meaning of life I've ever readInfographic essay on the meaning of life | FlowingDataJust published: The Secret of the Ages , an Essay on the Meaning of Life
At first glance, it looks like a cultural history of superhero comic books written by a bestselling comics writer, but peer a little deeper and you will find much more—a personal memoir, a demonstration of superhero tropes in the real world, and an essay on the meaning of life and the inner workings of the universe.