Guidelines for Bibliography Formatting and Mechanics

Guidelines for bibliography file contributors
The first two sessions were dedicated to planning and organizing the work routine, based on discussions of students' research and work themes. The themes for readings were derived from instructor-student dialogue. Readings and discussions, alternating with short lectures, involved the selected topics mentioned above. The complexity of practice activities was negotiated with the students during the course. In order to help initiate practice, two Web pages were provided -- one containing academic resource information addresses, the other containing guidelines for bibliography searches.
Check out the guidelines for bibliography entries.
Readers are referred to: 1) "Towards Guidelines for Bibliography Instruction in Academic Libraries," C&RL News, May 1975, pp. 137-39, 169-71; 2) "Guidelines for Bibliographic Instruction in Academic Libraries," C&RL , April 1977, p. 92; and 3) Bibliographic Instruction Handbook, published by ACRL in 1979, for a review of the original Model Statement of Objectives and Guidelines for Bibliography Instruction. We welcome your written comments on the revision. Please address these to:
Betsy Baker, BIS Chairperson, Northwestern University Library, 1935 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60201. CBQMS Guidelines for BibliographyBasic compulsory guidelines for bibliographyGuidelines for bibliography writing on a: Book with one author:.
The Written Examination
The Written Examination is administered in the form of a seventy-two hour take-home. The student will respond to two of three proposed essay questions and is free to consult primary and secondary sources, notes, and dictionaries. Each essay will respond to the question asked by adopting and supporting a coherent position or thesis; it should be well-organized and rich in examples. Students are expected to follow standard MLA guidelines for bibliography and footnoting throughout. The length of each response will be approximately 2,500 words; the text should be double-spaced in a standard 10- or 12-point type. The student will submit a signed and dated copy of the examination to the Department Office within the allotted 72 hours.