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In this article we discuss some tips about where to find help with assignments, as well as tips of do's and don'ts. First of all all, we need to put it context. Are we looking for homework help for ourselves or for our kids? If it is for our kids, we most likely have to try to assess first why is our kid needing extra help, beyonf what he or she is already receiving in the classroom. It would be a good ide to talk to the teacher and inquire about the issue. Are they covering some particularly difficult topic that is expected to require extra help? In that case by all means it would be prudent to reach out for help. Normally, you will have the option of finding a specialized tutor in your local community, or what is becoming more and more common nowadays, you can search for an expert tutor online. Many times though, you don't even need to find a tutor, as there are many incredibly useful educational videos on . You can do a specific search for the topic of your interest, and most likely you'll find what you're looking for. For if your who need to find help with assignments, and I assume you are a college student or older, your best bet will be to find a tutor online. Tutors who operate online present many advantages
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