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C.J. Martin is the author of (Compline, 2011), as well as some chapbooks: (w/Julia Drescher’s Imaginary Essays, NewLights Press, 2014); (Compline: Crux #1, 2014); ON: Contemporary PracticeJacket2American Book Review
A good illustration can be taken from the imaginary essays on literary subjects that Borges was writing at the same time as the . Borrowing the stylistic conventions of scholarly critical writing, the essays read like a combination of Empson, Paulhan, and , except that they are a great deal more succinct and devious. In an essay on the translations of , Borges quotes an impressive list of examples showing how translator after translator mercilessly cut, expanded, distorted, and falsified the original in order to make it conform to his own and his audience’s artistic and moral standards. The list, which amounts in fact to a full catalogue of human sins, culminates in the sterling character of Enna Littmann, whose 1923-1928 edition is scrupulously exact: “Incapable, like George Washington, of telling a lie, his work reveals nothing but German candor.” This translation is vastly inferior, in Borges’s eyes, to all others. It lacks the wealth of literary associations that allows the other, villainous translators to give their language depth, suggestiveness, ambiguity—in a word, style. The artist has to wear the mask of the villain or order to create a style. Imaginary essay | Writers Teaching Writers - Blogs@BaruchLesson Plans: Imaginary Essay (all, Reading/Writing)Imaginary Numbers Essay - Anti Essays
And part of catching up on the Web, is reading Webb’s . These are my notes towards imaginary blog posts that I felt compelled to scrawl down reading his notes toward imaginary essays. Most of them are contrary, even though I’m a . Adam Cole is who Billy Joel would have been if he hadn't made it as a rock star. Adam Cole does what Albert Einstein would have done if he hadn't been a scientist. Philosopher on the subject of learning, novelist whose plots all wind up involving music, a writer of imaginary essays, old-fashioned songs, and poems that could have been published a hundred years ago, Adam is that someone you've never heard before and may never see again.