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Most medical school personal statement samples available online just aren't very helpful
Using a medical school personal statement sample to form ideas for your own is a great idea. A med school personal statement sample will provide you with many ways that you could format and write your own but you have to keep in your mind that every sample med school personal statement that you look at is going to be very different. Every sample AMCAS personal statement is going to describe a different reason for wanting to go to med school and each is going to demonstrate different strengths and ambitions. The following extract from a sample personal statement medical school will give you some ideas as to how your statement should be written.
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Writing your personal statement is a daunting but important task so it is natural to want to see medical school personal statement examples before you start writing your own essay. However looking at an example of a medical school personal statement that worked is not necessarily the best way to brainstorm for your own essay writing. Medical school personal statements are inherently personal and a good example will simply serve to show you how you cannot write a generic essay or use someone else’s ideas for inspiration. The medical school admissions committee needs to hear about you and your experiences. This is the spot on the AMCAS and AACOMAS where you get to showcase your individuality. Instead of looking for medical school personal statement samples you might want to look at broad categories of personal statements that work, to help give you a structure for what should be a very personal document. A medical school personal statement sample is useful for: students headed for vocational medical schools; those headed off to admissions in vet medical schoolsuniversity of pittsburgh school of medicine 10 medical school personal statement writing tips ..