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In this free online creative writing community, writers and poets can post their writing, get feedback and discuss writing-related topics in the forums and live chat rooms. Members can also participate in contests, earn points for reviewing, maintain a personal writing profile and gain fans from all around the world.
We are one of the only online writing communities that allows you to earn revenue, or not
Me and a few others just recently created a online writers community called 'Readers Writers Notebook' which we are only beginning to advertise about. It consists of a Forum for you to talk with other writers, a page filled with book reviews, and a great Blog with tons of helpful inspiration advice. It's more specifically routed to fit the needs of teens so please check it out! What are Some Good and Popular Online Writing Communities?Build Your Online Writing Community - DIY MFAWhat is the Best Online Writing Community? | Yahoo Answers
As a writer, being part of an online writing community is a great way to get practice, learn the art of critiquing, and gain a following. As a reader, writing communities are great ways to discover fresh talent and explore new genres. Here are ten writing communities you should know about:Online writing communities are a great source of income and provide a lot of information to readers. Online writing communities provide information of various topics and provide writers the opportunity to publish their articles online.We are one of the only online writing communities that allows youto earn revenue, or not. Why? Because we want your readers to have the best experiencepossible, so if you think ads detract from that experience, then don't have them! On theother hand, if a bit of money in the bank is more your style, we'll whack a few in no worries.Many online writing communities have sprouted up or mushroomed. Getting in on the growth of a site when it is brand new is quite an experience and a risk. You don't know if they will survive. If they don't, neither does your work. So remember to save backup copies. However, because you were accepted to work at this site, you sort of feel motivated to encourage the website owners in their efforts and you want to root for their success. You're hoping they can become established and recognized as a site WAHM writers can take seriously.Through no fault of my own, found myself unemployed years back. Tried to help my husband and son with their real estate business but really wanted something that could be done as a stand alone project, on my own. Thought about freelance writing but every site wanted to charge a fee to get started. So the idea went on the back burner until one day … Finally! Found online writing communities that would let me sign up free. That was the beginning. Those communities that gave me my push into the “writer's pond” were established and they taught me to “swim”. Forever grateful because they gave me confidence.This article will first describe Verhalensite, a Dutch-language online writing community, then outline some key research questions in relation to online writing communities, and finally, explore ways to address these questions.