Where can I post writing online

I can see ghost the perfect solution for someone who's main objective is to post writing online
Thank you for this post! I have considered posting my writing online before, but not anything I would ever try to publish later. And the thoughts of having my drafts floating around the Internet years later definitely make the cringe.
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I’m probably not going to be popular for this opinion, but I don’t think you should post your writing online as a means of attracting editor or agent interest. While some agents and editors do troll blogs looking for talent, I get most of my clients from submissions and conferences. , as some of you know, so I don’t go prospecting there. Don’t even get me started on sites like Authonomy and InkPop. Post writing online. Essay on being yourself. Writing research report. 10 best resume writing services. Satirical essay topics. Do my assignment for me uk.Discuss factors impacting choices to post writing online. • Revisit and refine ideas about digital citizenship and responsibilities related to posting work online.FanStory - Feedback For Your Writing