Consider the response essay as some kind of a review.

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Once you've responded by using the methods and instructions above, conclude your essay. Don't beat the dead horse; be simple and direct when summarizing the most important points of your essay. Finally, make sure to note the context and derivation of the original writing that your response essay is written for.
Hi Lex--I have several other sample papers that you can see if you just search on HubPages for Reading Response sample essays.
When telling your viewpoint to a reader - don't forget to support it with an examples, that is very important for being convincing, you can support it with your own life experience, observations, that you gained after any event in your life. Writing a response essay try to pay a great attention to your conclusion - this part is very important for any essay type. Here you need to summarize all that had been said before in well-structured form, the reader should understand you and your viewpoint well. A reading response essay:Want to know what a good Summary, Analysis, Response Essay looks like? Here is a sample essay along with links for how to write your own essay.Extended Response Essay
The purpose of the response essay (also called a reaction essay) is to express one's view regarding a book, a song or an event that took place. For example, if you have had a recent field trip or visited a museum, or heard someone on the TV with a speech, which has affected you, you can write a reaction essay. The response essay is rather personal in its form - unlike most of the 'conventional' essay types, using first person pronouns is not a crime. As a matter of fact, you will be expressing you own views, feelings and emotions, which this event has caused, so your personal input is what is expected. Depending on the requirement, the response essay can also take a formal tone, and in this case the paper has to sound official, so prior to starting on your reaction essay you might want to double check on the requirements.The structure of the response essay is rather typical of a regular essay as it is supposed to contain an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction introduces the essay to the reader and presents your thoughts and feelings - i.e. your reaction to the piece. In this part of your response (reaction) essay you could use the following phrases to better express your opinion:When writing a response (reaction) essay, you are expected to express how this or that event has affected you. Here, cases can be two: you can either be in congruence with what the author thinks or feels, or you can take the opposite stand and disagree with the views which are being expressed. Depending on this, you can use different lexical and stylistic means (this will be covered later in the article). The general patter for writing a response essay is as follows:The conclusion of the paper sums up what you say in it and restates the main points expressed. It should incorporate the thesis statement of the introduction as well as include the points touched upon in the body paragraphs. Such a conclusion creates a sense of 'wholeness' of your response essay.The body of the response essay can take as much space as you need. The most important part of it is that is should take the following pattern: Topic sentence - detail - example - quotation - Summary sentence. When writing a personal response essay you should always try and broaden the scope of your work, meaning whatever it is you’re writing about, you should try and draw it out into the world and apply it to your own life, within the boundaries of . You should be able to relate things you read in the novel or see in the video to your own beliefs, and in the personal response essay you need to communicate this eloquently yet effectively.