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My parents don't understand that the only time I feel calm is when I'm with my phone or at school. My step-dad especially doesn't understand that the cause of all my stress (and recent anxiety attack) is because he yells at me everyday for doing nothing to deserve it. I was going to rewrite my essay and he told me I had an hour to do it. My brain kind of just stopped so I couldn't write anything down. He yelled at me, threatemed to slap me before I started crying (again, it's already been a stressful day. He doesn't need to keep adding onto it). Went to bed without dinner since I lost my appetite and I'm too uncomfortable to tell my mom my true feelingss since she's only nice to me when that demon of steo-dad is gone... rewrite my essayRewrite My Essay | Creative Writing JobLearn How to Rewrite My Essay | Rewrite Article
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